Free Forex Signals Eur Usd


In other words before you buy an option, you will get clear indication how much you would profit or lose depending on the outcome of the trade. Gann's square of 9 method for the time axis. Bought at the top of the left shoulder. *time patterns of cash flows. You can look up the trends of apple stock on the business week (magazine) website in the 'investing' area of their website. If things change and events occur, the discord server will allow the moderators of the sub to quickly fill everyone in immediately without any delay. So, if litecoin price is moving up, we want to see the obv indicator rising signaling an inflow of money.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

That is so important i’m going to repeat it. Success requires doing the right projects, not just doing projects right. Do change over time, and even the best systems sometimes need re-optimization and/or. Traders in europe also have the option of trading with offshore binary options and forex brokers. This makes only $177 for forex trend detector. In this kind of scenarion, as a market player, you need to make sure that you understand the different terms and conditions.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

From time to time citrades. This means that thousands of existing studies in this language will work without any changes — the same way they work in tradestation. The swissie is less liquid than eur/usd but still more liquid than many other currency pairs. This issue might get a little more complicated for a trading firm which may prefer to keep security in-house, but for most individuals it probably makes sense to outsource it to an expert. To find the best candidates to purchase for swing trading, first, i find those companies with wide moats. You will be able to know the forex market better this way. So knowing your terminology makes all the difference in your understanding of market concepts and strategies.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

The us had substantial imports. The more touches, of course, the better the confirmation. Gomacro's thrive line keeps more sweetness (6 to 7 grams of sugar) in the bar, with combinations including blueberry lavender and ginger lemon. Eclipse pop-up trade show display. Running windows in a signals dusty anyone explain bo much like. Ideally, you are better positioned to be on the short side near a resistance level. Moving averages in general are more successfully employed in trading when used as support and resistance, rather than for crossovers. Because python is such powerful general-purpose language and works like charm in scientific computing.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

 gaps occur as a result of underlying . Maxrectanglehight – the maximum hight of the consolidation pattern to be indicated. This is where you'll learn the basics of the forex industry. Kunal goes into a full presentation of everything you need to know about the pdt rule. Conversations about brand experiences, topical perspectives and innovative ideas have become a new currency. 00% for now, as growth is still supportive and inflation pushing higher. What are 'fibonacci numbers/lines'.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

I’ve been operating from market traders institute full-time with regard to greater than a 12 months. On different time zones or can’t check your computer more than a couple times a day. The book format is a nice example of what entrepreneurs have always known:  opportunity comes from doing new things--and old things in new ways. Employs what the system creator calls the equilibrium breakthrough. Fx trades involve currency rates carried out to.   i don’t forecast and just trade what i see.

free forex signals eur usd
free forex signals eur usd

A bit at all totally different stages of the market. I think this goes for any topic that deals with money. Trading plan will be more profitable, more reliable for trader a and trader b in comparison to trader. Of course you’re not fooled by in-sample results. Notice that the breakout came as a result of the price interacting with the upper level of another pattern. This is especially helpful if booth staffers will be relying on show shuttles to and from the exhibit hall, since they generally take longer and often make multiple stops en route.

A very important action is performed in the line:. Sometimes they will travel a little ways away from home (like up to 50%) and occasionally they will make a long trip (over 80%). When this happens, they take a trade. ” are not prominent and are dismissed, which can only be a bonus for the platform and the industry as a whole. 3 - which takes it about a tenth of a second. Out at both levels for a -60 pips but very rarely.

Unfortunately, as an inexperienced trader, we all want to look for the holygrail, so after a couple of years i didnt trade the dtfl method anymore. Quantopian was created to make this programming available to an increased number of people interested in trading. In volatile markets and/or with high-beta stocks, using trade signals can be invaluable to investors – not only to point out promising opportunities as they appear but also to signal when they may disappear. If you have no idea of what the market is doing, don’t trade it, and find another instrument that is clearer. Sd, another good trade on the eurchf, when you want to go long and price breaks on the downwards and you trade on the h4 when price comes back up. Besides, the registration procedure for signing with their site is also simple. The single enhancer i really look for in my manual trading is the strength of the move away from the zone, thus making it a strong and obvious zone. If you are still deciding where to invest your money, you can try forex currency trading. Now that you know what this system is all about, we hope you will join us today. Given that forex traders sleep in a world dominated and unnatural by time, operating smarter, quicker and a lot of expeditiously is that the usually accepted catch phrase of triple-crown traders and has been for some-time currently.

Of course, it will be nice to make money in this process of wanting to be social species. Get to know forex market hours and trading sessions. For example, if a trader is executing turbo trades times at five minutes, he or she can execute six trades for every one that would be executed using a 30 minute expiry time. On the other hand, if your strategy is automated and your trading platform needs to be running twenty four hours a day, considering a reliable vps service, whether free or a paid for service, is recommended. This means when you trade them you don’t need to put. Below are three bullish inside bars that formed on the usdjpy daily chart during an aggressive rally. And that is what ltttm is all about to me. Currency selection includes all of the most well known currency pairs such as eur/usd, usd/jpy and usd/cad. From different parts of your business, or from different countries. Demo account is a practical tool that will prepare you so that when you switch to.

Stay on topic: we want our site to be as informative and helpful as possible so please stay on topic and keep your post topics within the purposes of our page. This fitting procedure was inspired by michael halls-moore’s post about an arima+garch trading strategy for the s&p500, and i borrowed some of his code. However, by understanding price action, traders can find many examples on every chart, whether it is an intraday or daily chart, where there is a mathematical advantage to buying or selling. Bitbay is a bitcoin exchange service located in poland but does offer global trading opportunities. Leverage is a powerful tool for any investor to gain great amount of profit and yet considered risky and dangerous at times because this is a way of financing a company’s assets through a great amount of debt with or without actually having their own funds.

All the invested funds shall be returned back to the investors;. In this calculation, the regular gdp is divided by the average population for the specific year. One thing you do know at this point though, and that is that you are very glad that you are not losing real money. Many free services are going to lack in reliability, and their data isn't going to be as profitable - if at all - as the paid services. So now it's not just foreign cbs holding our financial assets, it's savers, investors, pension funds, and everything you can imagine, all over the world, unwittingly propping up the rickety old $imfs. If price does or does not give you the. You can also use momentum indicators such as the average true range (atr) to provide a mathematical basis for your estimate. "the growth and development of china has been amazing. Some ads might contain potentially misleading and/or unbalanced claims and. ⦁ a basic approach to defer hazard in forex trading dealing just with your national cash (pay and get paid in your own particular money) is a definitive approach to keep away from chance.

A) it gives the trader a clear “signal” (reason) to enter the market which means less headache/work for the trader. "todd – course is just great. Such an increase results in higher prices for goods and services. Companies, but the larger profit $$ shrink proportionally when. Of course you could trade bigger size when you do get a setup in order to compensate for this. If it is a swing up i wait. Extreme profits : ultra-high profits on several accounts. This can be helpful in many ways to forex traders that do things according to the books. Its a little more advanced if you are interested.

Com llc does not offer or provide personalized investment advice. Different countries like indonesia, russia, mexico, brazil, india, turkey and china comprise approximately 1/5th of the worldwide health care sales. The example code for market spread can be found here. We had a nice drive this morning into tok.   for example, let’s say you’re interested in the slope of a particular indicator. If the chart is in the uptrend,place a buy/stop above the upper trend line and then place to stop loss below the trend line. How many people attend the show. Then you will be consider having an edge martingale ea.

With a global yuan to use freely, its values will climb, and countries will start dumping u. Accordingly, there are two ways of using the vwap, namely as trend filter or as support and resistance indicator. You need to draw a horizontal line at the low price, same you need to do for high price like as figure. ” to which he added, “to some extent i’m glad this happened to me. "forex trading made easy for beginners: software, strategies and signals" helps the reader to learn all about this form of trading. Trading bitcoins with ava trade is very easy. There are talented, brilliant and resilient women in pakistan who do not happen to be related to powerful men, whose power is not a second act poised on the patronage of a husband or father.

Free Forex Signals Eur Usd

The rule of the 150 pips range box did indicate us to stay out of the market. [x^{i}_t = (1 - delta ^{i})mu ^{i} + delta ^{i}x^{i}_{t-1} + sum_{j=1}^{j}rho ^{i}(x^{i}_{t-1} - x^{i}_{t-j-1}) + epsilon ^{u}_t]. Could futures trading be taught. The crashes were even worse for the. These tips will help you to not only avoid disasters, but also maximize your potential in the forex market.

The iwm etf is seeks long-term growth. But those bubbles burst and those “geniuses” lost all their money. You would like to get a muslim- friendly forex trader if you do not want an overnight interest or riba account but do want to earn benefits of currency trading. In the case of a downtrend, the bottom of the drawn box marks the short entry point and the top of the box marks the stop loss. Unlike its peers, the lacy can fully activate cannabis without altering its terpene profile, according to hde. It is highly unlikely that these countries will use a cryptocurrency that has a track record of being 18 times more volatile than the us dollar.

Commodities, stocks and currencies are examples of markets that offer both cfd and futures trading. The right to sell a security is called a ‘put option’, while the right to buy is called the ‘call option’. 00 is probably more than the pilot, co-pilot and entire cabin crew were paid for that flight. To find your bitcoin wallet on bitconnect make sure you are in the dashboard tab and scroll down; you will see a green button that says “deposit bitcoin (btc) click that. It is more of a guide for self-directed traders. " someone else wondered whether the name might be a sly portmanteau of four tech companies: samsung, toshiba, nakamichi, and motorola. Then they’d want to look for buy technical entries into the aud/usd pair. Biggest misconception about day trading breakouts.

Well-being, an emphasis that ultimately leads to higher productivity.   think some of the people from the other church expected a big feed. The program installs with a few clicks and once this is done the entire trading process will be automated.   if asked why they were undertaking these long. You will get every trick, hack and strategy i use.

These values can be from the last day, week or even month. These charts are constructed by representing intraday, day by day, weekly, or monthly exercise as a vertical bar. Macd, stochastics, and cci are all popular options for this purpose. 2) real-time environment: is the process of learning how to swim, faster in a bathtub, or in a pool. Aggressive commercial practices that intimidate or exploit consumers, restricting their ability to make free or informed choices. So, we have continued to offer on-premises editions of our software as well as cloud editions. This is managed vps servers are monitored regularly to ensure their uninterrupted operation.

In europe and asia, cash transactions are often referred to as value same day deals. These signals tell us which currency should we buy or sell to make a big profit after a long time.   if so, to what degree. Every month that they haemorrhage cash, people look at it and say, ‘well now if they weren’t able to defend the currency last month, now they’re even weaker’. I think you are a bit confused. Having said that, iraq can appropriately be considered as one of the reproducing grounds of mankind and culture, through the long progression of sumerians, akkadians, elamites, babylonians, assyrians, medes, persians and significantly more. The financial industry regulatory authority (finra), considers the purchase and sale of a security in the same day a day trade.

Never add to a losing position. Our robot testers made a research of gatesway and found out that this forex auto trading software does not rate highly. Com is solely for informative means and is not intended to be taken as financial advice on any issue or subject. You can start out with a friendly $9. I hope you enjoy the video and if so please like, share and comment :). First,let me explain a few things to you. Forex automatic trading robots are meant for people who want to ensure fully automatic forex trading account management. In the same year, tradestation is rated the ‘best trading system’ by technical analysis of stocks & commodities magazine for a 10th year in a row.

Note: many of you use metatrader for your charting. I was trained to be rude and arrogant to victims of the timeshare industry, by preying on the fact that they are in debt, just to bring them 1000$ closer to bankruptcy. All traders that take this course will also have the option to take the course again for free anytime within the 3 month mentoring period, if they feel that they need to. Confused when to exit a trade. By negotiating brazil's entrance into the nafta, which is composed of. Low energy density foods fill you up and also let you take larger portions without adding too many calories. This will be looked at more later.

That being aforementioned, having solely $500 in your forex account isn't counseled if you wish to form serious cash from forex. When in a profitable trade is to stop and ask yourself, “should i stay. 5% against the yen in just one sitting. Or it could also set a trap (trap) this way: suppose price at the time (10 minutes before the news out) for the gbp / usd 1. Using the maria staking plan it is possible to increase your bank. When a labourer who worked on installing a swimming pool at a neighbour, was watching youtube videos of forex software. Domestic money supply growth, comparative rates. Fundamentals kotak economic indicators pointing the binary. Employers are working together to secure passage of tpa. In this particular case, the first rsi signal was 20.

Number two is that in general, although this has improved, the spot forex regulatory, standards, and brokers standards have not been nearly as good as that as for the futures market. In any case, you should be careful before you decide to use a trading bot. Buyonegems [amount of sets] - use this if you are a badge collector. Com is a free charting site that provides index and futures charting (along with other products). Don’t be scared, it’s only going to hurt for a bit.  before testing, you need to acquire market data. This is because most of these websites provide customers exchange rates that a very close to the intra-bank rates. National assembly and the increase of local councils in west africa. There are many methods for becoming players in the bitcoin marketplace.

Forex charts also tell you how humans perceive the fundamentals as well. Shaun: yeah, so there is some work on our end. *from a survey, we did in march 2016. Liquidity and 24/5 availability are the characteristic factors of the forex market compared with other financial markets. He has been around in the forex trading universe for over.   register for the forex investing live free membership and get free eurusd signals, free forex investing battle plan course and ongoing training. As tom joyce told cnbc not long after the investment was announced, "our financial footing is arguably better than it was. The trader cannot predict the result, yet they might believe that the price should move at least 50 pips, and the movement direction depends entirely on whether the results are above or below the expected.

So when you see the piercing line pattern forming at support levels or in a downtrend market, take note as this is a potential bullish reversal signal so you should be thinking of going long (buying). I have been used forex. In the bitcoin chart above you see we have the zoom feature at the top left and it is set to "all" to show the entire lifetime of tracking. Trending markets are identified by using swing patterns that are  broken down into classic sequences higher highs, higher lows, lower highs and lower lows (not in that order). But some analysts fear that some aspects of the flash crash may portend dangers greater than mere mechanical failure. This friday morning we have some important patterns emerging. Disadvantages of a currency swap.

Free daily forex analysis, trading signals and fundamental news daily, currencies eur / usd and gold commodity. 5-6 pips above or below the signal candle, depending of the direction. This would be a win win for you and the traders that buy your signals. The broker and their platform needs to match the requirements of the currency currency trader. Investors can rely on both rising (long) and falling (short) price developments in foreign exchange trading. As such, you are now somewhat limited in what you can do should a favorable setup arise on a more liquid pair such as the eurusd or the usdcad. Forex karma guide created exclusively for entrepreneurs like you. The core goal of haasbot is to buy low and sell high, timing the market to maximize returns. In addition to racing to build stable and scalable quantum computers a critical challenge of this arms race includes developing and deploying cyber security and quantum-resistant encryption.

), i wrote about the lack of short-circuiting when using disjunctions (‘oring’). There are four types of moving averages; simple, smoothed, exponential and linear weighted. Supplies goods not produced in own country. More on money management you can learn from ours free one-on-one trainings. Outlier trades, total outlier trades). A moving average, for example, calculates the average price of a specific instrument over a defined number of time periods. One can argue that the price action of the last several weeks in feeders has been soft.

 run trading strategy constructor module and click this button; the. Margin refers to money actually deposited into a forex trading account. Free forex trading signals live and eur / usd outlook. ’s growth, and the eur/usd rallied. We will send the collected account balance to you at your last known address as reflected in our account records, after withholding a sufficient sum to cover any outstanding items and likely fees.

For example, one of the biggest stories of 2005 was the u. Is the only way to discribe marc walton and forex mentor pro. They're using free ebook publishing and distribution platforms to achieve global online retail distribution (every major ebook store wants to carry self-published ebooks). General ledger uses the revaluation rate when you run revaluation. Betting that one currency will go up and the other will go down. Free daily stock & forex signals powered by social sentiment, artificial intelligence, neural networks and cloud computingjoin now free. Prepare for a lifestyle change. It is a correction and most likely an wxy double zigzag correction.

I believe the pros overweigh the minuses so i'm definitely gonna go demo. If i had to put a percentage on the time spent on entry signals vs. I know that sounds simple, but being a successful forex trader really does boil down to these two main points:. Prepaid forex card by capital forex. If this is the first time you're here, and don't have an account please press above to create a new account. The break of the bump line would be your short entry signal within the pattern. To mirror jeffrey’s comment, “it’s almost as if my entire professional life has been an apprenticeship leading up to now.

Free Daily Forex Signals Eur Usd

To know the daily interest amount, divide the result by 365 days. Harmonic trade believes that there are great opportunities lying in middle east. Open 24 hours a day: the forex market is open 'round the clock, 5 days a week, from sunday 5 pm est to friday afternoon 4 pm est. A neutral signal with an up bias would be indicated by a colored dot. This is the power a renko chart delivers to you as a trader. With hubs in new york, tokyo, sydney and london, there is a 24-hour market that allows for round-the-clock trading of currencies. One we would like to highlight is investment policy compliance monitoring. C) applicant does not have a california business address. To proceed with the managed accounts, please contact your personal manager or signalator sales team.   it is extremely complex though and can certainly be classified as one of the top advance forex trading strategies.

The wto's most individual contribution to the stability of the global economy. "i woke up and started trading late and instead of pulling out of the trade, i stayed longer, and lost all my money" he confesses. This technique is actually providing excellent outcome and many occasions this filter systems the incorrect large admittance. Resistance is the opposite, and thus it is that price which a currency pair, historically, has difficulty breaking past in an upward motion. And events—some regular, like seasonal weather changes; others unusual, like large local events—muddy the waters even further. There are many, many scammers out there trying to take your money in exchange for an mt4 ea that will lose money. Being a huge supporter of cryptocurrencies, russia has been proactive in vocalizing towards the legalisation of cryptocurrencies across the world for a long time now. Are you looking for strategies books, books on forex, psychology, or for beginners. Anchoring is the term for flying one’s ship in close proximity to the rest of the fleet so that everyone can move around in space as a single unit. Banc de binary auto trader robot (how to double your earnings with this free auto trader robot.

Mustfollowoppcolor - set to true if the ob must be of opposite color to the candle that it engulfs. Non-financial customers - mostly comprising corporations, but also governments and high net worth individuals - accounted for only 9% of turnover, the lowest level since the inception of the triennial in 1989. 6% mom increase in ppi in april. Prediction of the markets becomes easier with simple tools. And has the potential to earn 100+ pips per trading session, look no. All goal profits members are given the opportunity to try out our pre-match scalping module for free. The platform starts with 32 robots with different combinations. Readers will discover why currency is the most complex of all financial markets as it controls the money flow and risk in quite a literal sense, thus making it the link between all the financial markets. Conformation binary suwaris forex arrow.

  if it was, you would need to have swiss regulation. There are no complicated technical chart patterns. The health food certificate is valid for five years, with applicants needing to apply for renewal six months prior to expiry. Here's a real quick overview. In the trading world however, is the decision to always go with previous events when making judgments on present situations really the best course of action. What's a day trade anyway.

Edit: i also note other inconsistencies in the naming of your variables. Another sign of legitimacy would be skyviewtrading’s choice of brokerage: td ameritrade. Free forex signals - make up to 500 real pips / day. Examine how option prices generally respond to changes in the underlying security’s price during the life of the option. Much of the concern about wage inequality effects. This means that you need to devise a sensible trading strategy to grow your profits long term.

Hl=de&id=13ufke1twwec. You can see the live. Todd’s course will put you on a path to becoming a better trader than you have ever been. Somebody desperately wants to get rid of their stackable items for what looks like a very low price. In addition, tradency does not offer platform guides or faq where you can learn some tips for tradency mirror trader. - service that has no analogues in the market of forex systems. Keep that in mind as you go forward. He just started doing it on a live account and is using an 8 pip buffer and a 35 pip sl/tp. We emphasize options education in a dedicated forum where every trade is discussed before it is placed. When an individual loses his pocket, it has the consequence of removing money out of flow.

This has happened for a few reasons, but one of the most prevalent is that a lot of brokers that have been giving large bonuses have actually experienced bankruptcy or quite high losses. It is important to understand the market well to have direct dealings with it. For example, a smaller unit size would allow you to stay in the market for the 100-pip profit. It means that when opening a position around the pivot. In online forex trading system, everything is fast. It means the cost of forex vps hosting will change following the size of your needs. Soon we are launching our own app for intraday trading. Exhibitors will also be present and all are urged to meet these companies in person to network and build relationships.

When does a triangle indicate a continuation and when does it suggest a reversal. By the looks of it, i assume when both the candle and diamond is green, we buy and then when both the candle and the diamond is red, we sell. Search the best trading signal. These are very short-term investments. Furthermore, they have $5, five day offers that allow you to try out the website before subscribing. As such, it is no wonder a strong trend started. Duxforex offer good, cheap signals. Forex master method evolution “factory settings” are set to only show you the macd histogram, and for two very good reasons:.

Futures trading can be done with huge leverage, but the initial required account size in order to trade futures is oftentimes quite large, especially for new traders. Forex trading with australia’s number one fx provider*. Through our extensive network we have access to over 10,000 professional traders and automated trading strategies, out of which we identify the best forex trading strategies based on our proprietary ranking system. It is necessary to gain experience. How prop trading normally works. A key component in understanding decision moments of the market is via support and resistance (s&r).

So all of this is good. Decision appropriate for the foundation. In order to strengthen our predictions, we used a wealth of market data, such as currencies, indices, etc. Open order by following the trend. 3- poor execution if the costumer order is not favorable to the company interest. Even in this ongoing credit crisis with some pretty intense volatility in the fx markets, forex. This trader both opens and closes a new position in a stock in the same trading day. Ask yourself, why are you speculating.

So that you didn’t get lost. You can download the expert advisor for metatrader 4 with the following link, it is free to use. But goldman executives said they were looking at moving in the direction of buying and selling actual bitcoins. We have acquired six hectares of land there and we are already planning that around 150kg of fish will be farmed there. Roblox hacks is by trading your skills. Bonus will be paid out only in case of a positive outcome. This forex tool will show to the traders no lagging trading signals, as the signals could be popup alerts, mobile push alerts and sound alerts. Just to clarify, auto binary signals is not an autopilot trading system, rather it provides automated signals which takes minimal effort and time to manually place.

Best forex vps hosting could be a virtual dedicated server for easier and accessible trading. Alternation, which means different kind of corrective. The company behind the roomba -- and its less popular floor-washing scooba sibling -- is massachusetts-based irobot (irbt). If you have been trying to figure out where to get some good forex trading systems, this blog post will point you in the right direction. This also includes intervention in the foreign exchange markets when the situation arises. You’ll notice a trade idea was generated above only with adding a few moving averages to the chart. It's an inconvenience having to wait 7 days for something when i've already verified it with 2fa, the other guy has probably verified with something similar, and we're both obviously in control of our own accounts. There are a number of fundamental indicators traders may follow that reflect how an economy is changing and gleam insight into forex market prices to come. The site was registered anonymously in 2015 through a private domain registration service, which provides no details as to who is actually behind the site. When it first signals an exhausted condition that's when the big spike in the "exhausted" currency cross tends to occur.

But that’s not the route i am taking. Evaluate your trades solely on their potential. My objective forex hedging involved. A detailed assessment proving oc software is a fraudulent program. States that "in a shopping mall, a fundamental analyst would go to each. May possibly examine more than 26 catalogs about foreign exchange to learn and self-teach currency trading with regard to previous 13 a long time. When you backtest your methodology and uncover that you had appropriately traded each time you were provided a signal and your gains were higher than your losses, you are using an efficient winning strategy. Their occurrence is so frequent that it is difficult to know. Let’s look at some of my best tips to avoid falling prey to the pattern day trader rule. The fastest way to become successful in forex is to use a trading indicator that actually knows how to help you achieve your goals.

Interbank forex market, dynamically developing and improving the conditions for customers and. Since using these types of more in depth charts may be new to you, here is a brief guide on how to get the most out of our free binary options charts. This pretty much covers the initial question. Robots in the present are able to perform a number of different tasks as compared to the past uses of robots. Vertical sync signals, so that the electronics inside a tv set will know how to display the rows of pixels. “today, we have rolled out the first products available on our total advisor platform, allowing clients to start taking advantage of new tools that suit their needs,” mccarthy said.

The three white soldiers is a three candlestick bullish reversal signal. Fortissimofx includes software that has been continuously tested for several months now, so we expect it to be particularly reliable despite the fact that it’s pretty complex. "what i’ve been looking years for". Module 1: foreign exchange background & overview. Also each month they conduct a open trading contest.

Free Forex Signals Eur Usd
Let’s talk about this incredibly unrealistic 98. Much in common with his or her asian counterpart. What are binary options...